Afterwork in Paris 8th, think Hôtel Beauchamps

Hôtel Beauchamps is the perfect address for an afterwork in Paris 8, thanks to its trendy bar-restaurant, Lily Wood. Come and discover how you'll love going out with your colleagues.

Aperitifs with colleagues at the hotel of course

You wouldn't have thought of a 4-star hotel in the heart of Paris's 8th arrondissement, where the Golden Triangle forms the capital's most beautiful avenues. And yet, behind the façade of the Hôtel Beauchamps lies the Lily Wood. It's this establishment's bar-restaurant. Trendy and healthy, with an elegant yet relaxed ambience, you'll immediately be swept away by the atmosphere of this afterwork venue in Paris 8.

Lily Wood is a lunchtime restaurant with a menu that focuses on fresh produce and the seasonal nature of each fruit and vegetable. This healthy restaurant in Paris 8 has a fine reputation. Later in the afternoon, Lilly Wood offers a signature cocktail. At 6pm, it's time for afterwork, with a happy hour starting at 5pm and ending at 9pm.

Sharing a charcuterie board, indulging in a drink or cocktail, a game of table soccer in the background and always this chic and relaxed atmosphere, this is your afterwork in Paris 8.

A healthy restaurant in Paris for a delicate hotel

Delicacy, charm, pastel colors and a powdery ambience - that's the feeling you get when you discover the rooms at Hôtel Beauchamps. It's like being in a woman's bedroom, a secret, gourmet alcove in which to take refuge. It's not just the ambiance of the rooms, but that of the entire hotel.

Every element of the establishment is designed to make you feel at home. The fitness room, the common rooms, the buffet breakfast, with as much fresh seasonal produce as possible, are sure to please. And then there's this healthy restaurant in Paris 8, within the Hôtel Beauchamps. Lilly Wood, with its Happy Hour, is the ideal place for an afterwork in Paris 8.

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