Hotel Beauchamps, the ideal 4-star hotel in Paris 8th district

If you're looking for a 4-star hotel in Paris 8, you'll find plenty. After all, in Paris's Golden Triangle, the good addresses are well known. But there's one that stands out for its personality. That address is the Hôtel Beauchamps.

As a 4-star hotel in Paris 8, you'll enjoy exceptional standards and an ideal location.

What you'll remember most after your stay at this 4-star hotel in Paris 8 is the elegance of the Hôtel Beauchamps premises. There's the marble, gold and leather lobby. And then there are the 90 rooms, each with its own unique character and atmosphere. Powdered colors, perfectly mastered choices of furniture and decoration, you can feel the excellence in the room. For a romantic stay for two, this 4-star Paris 8 hotel is an address you won't forget, especially so close to the Champs Elysées, at 24, rue de Ponthieu. We could go on at length about the equipment in the rooms, but there's no need for that in a hotel of this level of luxury and prestige. Instead, we should mention the fitness room, the Lily Wood, the healthy bar-restaurant, the excellence of the hotel staff, the concierge service and the pre-bookable parking lot. Le Beauchamps is not just a very good hotel, it's a luxury establishment on rue de Ponthieu.

Hotel in Paris 8, 4 stars minimum for a dream stay

The 4 stars of the Hôtel Beauchamps are evident in many areas, far beyond its prestigious neighborhood between the Louvre and Matignon, between the Faubourg St Honoré and the Arc de Triomphe. At the Lily wood restaurant, the chef has chosen to focus on local, seasonal, healthy cuisine. While there are of course many typical dishes, as well as more creative menus, the idea of healthy eating remains the key idea. We also like the fact that the restaurant offers a coworking space. Concierge services are also part of the restaurant's differentiating features. A 4-star hotel in Paris 8 has to be there for its guests, for a memorable stay in the City of Light. A table to reserve, tickets for a concert, an exhibition not to be missed... A luxury hotel in Paris 8th like the Beauchamps is there to organize it for you.

Health risks are kept under control at the Beauchamps thanks to Socotec certification, which guarantees visitors the most drastic compliance with Covid 19 protection measures.

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